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"Our Mission Is To Keep You Out Of the News, Unless That's Where You Want To Be!  Our Reputation Is Tied to Your Organization’s Security Compliance and Data Protection!” 

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BPS Virtual CISO (vCISO) program allows you to benefit from the expertise of senior-level Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

Corporate management often has information security organizations and capabilities. Let BPS help provide board-level oversight of cybersecurity capabilities.

A security architecture must be complementary to your overall architecture and enable business services.  It should provide easily integrated and consumable services to provide as transparent controls as possible.

The vDPO oversees your company’s compliance with data protection privacy laws. The vDPO informs you and your employees about data protection requirements.  In this role, the vDPO is the point of contact for all employees regarding the responsibility to protect the company’s data and adhere to the use of such data classification based on data privacy laws.

Third-party management is not just about doing a security assessment of vendors.  Often questionnaires turn out to be too weighty and not at all “one size fits all.”  A process that establishes a comprehensive Third Party assessment capability to account for legal risks, financial stability, availability of critical functions, and the security risk is necessary to help establish long term, beneficial partnerships with key partners.

A CERT team is not simply a reactionary force that springs into action when the alarms start blaring, it can also have a preventative side that gains an understanding of how the living nature of a company operates, the expertise to assess, understand, and respond to those situations, and the relationships to ensure tight interaction and trust with the many organizations throughout the company to maintain its ability to perform effectively, quickly, and responsibly.

Conceptually it is easy to make the leap of logical and physical security being together under one organization, optimized to cover security risks.  In reality, logical and physical are apples and oranges from an operational standpoint.

Trusted Advisor Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellence in all aspects of our business, with customer service satisfaction as the highest priority. We aim to be a premier provider and liaison between our customers and emerging technologies. These technologies provide technological automation and solutions to assist in solving business objectives involving protection and integrity of client’s digital assets and intellectual property to assist in achieving their business objectives.

What is a Trusted Advisor ?

We Have Structured Our Firm to Focus On How to Build Trust-Based Relationships

We believe that organizations that cultivate trusting relationships, internally and externally, for their own sake have a decided advantage in business, and we approach all our relationships with that end goal in mind.

  • Are committed to a long-term relationship, not short-term gain, and we believe it takes time to dig below the surface.

  • Work together to understand what the needs and success criteria in our partnership and solutions is for our clients.

  • Address our clients’ interests and needs at the forefront of our mission.

  • Understand that there will be times when the client’s best interests would be better served by other organizations and knows when to bring in other experts.

  • Are genuinely interested in our clients and their businesses and stay true to our commitments.

As a Trusted Advisor We: 

Benefits To Our Partnership 

Reputation From Trust: 

With our 40+ years of combines experience and knowledge across the security stack we become your Trusted Advisor!

We represent and partner with proven technology that is the leading or best-in-class solution in its category!

We are building a network of C-level executives across all verticals that can connect with one another regarding products and services that have been successfully implemented and received the highest time to value from our recommendations.

Reduction in Costs:​

We work with you “to do more with less solutions reducing your vendor management burden while maximizing your security posture”.

We work to solve today’s problems based on your list of priorities that allows you to do more with less costs.

Working with a WBENC-certified business can increase profitability with as much as 130% return on investment.

Procurement organizations who work with a diverse supplier base had lower overall operating costs and spent 20% less on their buying operations.

Long-Term Commitment:​

We become the liaison between the vendor and the customer to ensure each party stays committed to approved projects.

We provide insight to the customer’s list of priorities based on vendor’s time to value results.

We ensure that the chosen vendor completes the tasks agreed to by both parties to ensure a “win-win” solution to the problem.




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