BPS Virtual CISO (vCISO)

BPS Virtual CISO (vCISO) program allows you to benefit from the expertise of senior-level Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

Virtual Data Privacy Officer (vDPO) & Data Classification

The vDPO oversees your company’s compliance with data protection privacy laws. The vDPO informs you and your employees about data protection requirements.  In this role, the vDPO is the point of contact for all employees regarding the responsibility to protect the company’s data and adhere to the use of such data classification based on data privacy laws.

Board Advisory

Corporate management often has information security organizations and capabilities. Let BPS help provide board-level oversight of cybersecurity capabilities.

Security Architecture

A security architecture must be complementary to your overall architecture and enable business services.  It should provide easily integrated and consumable services to provide as transparent controls as possible.

Third Party Management

Third-party management is not just about doing a security assessment of vendors.  Often questionnaires turn out to be too weighty and not at all “one size fits all.”  A process that establishes a comprehensive Third Party assessment capability to account for legal risks, financial stability, availability of critical functions, and the security risk is necessary to help establish long term, beneficial partnerships with key partners.

Physical Security Integration into CSO office

Conceptually it is easy to make the leap of logical and physical security being together under one organization, optimized to cover security risks.  In reality, logical and physical are apples and oranges from an operational standpoint.

Development of a CERT function

A CERT team is not simply a reactionary force that springs into action when the alarms start blaring, it can also have a preventative side that gains an understanding of how the living nature of a company operates, the expertise to assess, understand, and respond to those situations, and the relationships to ensure tight interaction and trust with the many organizations throughout the company to maintain its ability to perform effectively, quickly, and responsibly.